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Blink Mini Camera Setup

So, how do these Blink cameras keep you and your home safe? Well, it’s pretty simple, my friend. These bad boys are super excellent parts that work together to bring you top-notch security.

You got your camera, a motion sensor that’s on the lookout for any unwanted visitors, an LED light that lights up the area and scares off any intruders, and last but not least, a secure cloud storage plan to keep all the footage safe and sound.

And let me tell you, these cameras aren’t just ordinary ones. They’ve been tested in all weather conditions and are ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way. You can stick ’em inside, outside, anywhere you want! They’re ready to roll.

So, what do you say, ready to upgrade your home security game?

How Does Blink Work?

A Blink camera has a motion sensor that triggers the camera to start recording whenever there is motion detection.

This works 24/7 in all types of settings. Thanks to some excellent night vision, it will even record in the dark at night.

The recorded video is stored locally in a USB flash drive connected to your Sync Module or sent to the secure cloud server to be viewed later.

Blink Security Camera Requirements

For a Blink security camera to work correctly, there are a few things that you need first:

  • An internet connection with wi-fi.
  • A Blink camera, such as a Blink XT2, Blink Mini indoor camera, etc.
  • Blink Sync Module – sometimes, these modules are included with the camera.
  • A smartphone or tablet that can run the Blink app.

Setting Up The Cameras

Once you have everything, you must start with the camera placement. This is where you want to place your Blink security camera on an interior wall or outside near your front or back door.

Setting Up And Configure The App

Once your camera is mounted and set up, you will want to download the Blink app on your phone or smartphone and log in. Once you are logged in, you want to select the camera that you will sync with your system and then pair it with your Sync Module.

Once your camera is paired with the Sync Module and is connected to the internet, it will start recording footage sent to a secure cloud server via broadband internet. The security of Blink cameras is unmatched by its competitors. The video feed is protected by end-to-end encryption — only the user who sets up the camera has access to the video feed.

If something happens and your internet connection goes down, your camera will still continue to record footage until your camera battery dies or you manually turn the camera itself off. The battery life of the Blink camera can last up to 2 years, depending on the light you are using with your camera.


Blink cameras are an excellent choice for anyone who needs indoor home security at an affordable rate. They also work excellently outside to record activity around your home or business.

If you are in the market for a great home security system, check out Blink or check out our Blink camera review.