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Blink Mini Camera Setup

A small Blink mini camera is an excellent way to keep tabs on what’s happening in your baby’s nursery, small business, or home.

They are pretty simple to set up too!

Blink Mini Camera Setup

Your Blink camera can be set up and ready to use within minutes after unboxing.

Download the free Blink app onto your phone.

You can find this app by searching your phone’s app store.

Click the “+” symbol on the top right of the screen.

Click “Mini Camera.”

Scan the QR code on the back of the camera.

Alternatively, you can also manually enter the camera’s serial number.

Give the camera a name.

Plug in the camera and wait for the steady green light and blinking blue light.

Click “Discover Device” and click OK.

A window will pop up, prompting you to connect to the wifi network.

Click “Connect.” You will also need to enter your wifi password.

At this point, it will connect, and you may need to wait for it to update the firmware.

Click “Done” when this button appears.

Your mini camera is now set up and ready to record video. From here, you can configure things like allowing audio, etc.

Recommended Blink Mini Camera Settings

All the Blink mini camera settings can be edited from the app on your phone.

You can change any settings, like motion and sound detection and scheduled recording times. I would recommend turning these on and making sure that the record length of the clip is a reasonable amount of time, too – I like to set this at around 20 seconds.

Troubleshooting Your Mini Indoor Camera

The most common issue with your Blink Mini is that it does not connect to your network. In cases like this, I recommend rebooting everything and doing a power cycle by unplugging and plugging back in your internet router, etc.

If the camera still does not connect, you may need to try a completely different network. You could try other wifi channels as well. Take a look at our instructions on connecting your Blink camera to wifi as well.


This is a great little camera. I would highly recommend it. It has multiple uses around the home – everything from watching baby monitors and keeping track of inventory to keeping an eye on your roommate/dog/cat while it is away for the weekend!

And as you can tell, it is straightforward to set up.