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Blink Camera Audio Settings (2 Way, Troubleshooting, etc)

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blink camera audio

Did you know that the Blink camera can handle specific audio needs on home security cameras?

We looked at the camera’s audio capabilities to see if this wireless security camera can genuinely capture sound.

blink camera audio setup

Yes, Blink cameras do record audio. Audio recording is automatically turned on when the camera’s motion detection sensor detects any type of motion.

This setting can be changed in the camera settings, where you can set it to be enabled or disabled.

The microphone on Blink cameras is located inside the camera’s housing. It is a small, omnidirectional mic and speaker. It can pick up sound from approximately 10 feet in front of the camera and from the left and right sides.

While it has a limited range, it does an excellent job of picking up voices and general sounds in a moderately noisy environment.

The sound quality is good for the intended use, where ambient noise is high. It is not designed as a helpful recording device, so you should not expect excellent audio quality for outdoor use or audio recordings in quiet environments such as a home library or office conference room.

Yes, you can talk and hear through the Blink camera 2 way audio capabilities. You can speak with someone via the built-in microphone on the camera and listen to them through the speaker on the unit.

Talking on a Blink camera is basically the same as an intercom system.

Blink’s two-way audio feature lets you communicate with people on your property from anywhere using your smartphone or a computer. You can speak to visitors at your home and give them instructions or warnings before they arrive. You can also use this feature to communicate with pets at home.

This feature is available with most Blink camera models like the XT2, Video doorbell, etc.

With the way that the camera’s audio is set up, you can see live video and audio of the video feed in real-time or listen only to the live feed of the audio recording from the internal microphone.

To do so, simply open the Blink app and tap on the Live View icon on your home screen.

What’s remarkable is that while watching the live stream, you can also click the Talk button and talk to anyone you happen to see on the feed. Anyone that happens to be listening will hear you through the speakers located on the unit itself.

What should I do if my Blink XT camera is not recording audio or I cannot hear anything? If your Blink XT camera is not recording audio or you cannot hear anything from the microphone, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that the audio option is enabled on the app.
  • Check your phone’s settings to ensure that the Blink app has the proper permissions to use the microphone. For Apple devices, you would look in “Access Settings.” Android devices have this setting in “Phone Settings” and the App section.
  • Check the volume settings on the app.

Hearing A Lot Of Noise Or Feedback

If you are getting noise, feedback, static, or other issues with the microphones, try the following:

  • For feedback issues – the most common reason for feedback is when you are close to the camera while using the Blink app to monitor the feed. The audio gets picked up by the camera and creates a feedback loop. To reduce this, try turning your volume down while watching the video feed in the app. If that does not work, move away a little and see if the feedback goes away. If it does, then continue to move further away until the feedback is gone.
  • For digital noise issues – stutters, digital noise, and related things usually happen due to your internet speed. Try using a different internet connection and see if the problem goes away. If it does, then the problem is with your internet connection and not with the setup of your security system in general. If you continue to have this issue, contact your ISP and have them check your connection speed for you. The camera needs a connection of at least 2MB per second, which, these days, almost everyone should have.


Do Blink cameras have sound detection?

No, Blink cameras cannot detect anything based on sound. All detection that the camera does is based on motion and thermal signals.

Do I have to set up audio on Blink camera?

No, you do not have to set up the audio on Blink cameras. Inside the settings, you can opt to turn it off and not have audio at all.


Regarding the audio capabilities of the built-in microphones on Home security cameras like blink XT, the sound quality is good but not great, and the mic picks up everything around it, including you talking into the mic and the background noise in your home.

It also makes an excellent intercom system with 2-way audio functionality.

It works best if you are using it in an indoor environment with a lot of ambient noise and activity around you so that you do not miss any critical sounds while you are away.