Kasa Smart Plug Mini Review

Kasa Smart Plug Mini

So, you want to upgrade your home to the future and have all your devices under your control with just a tap on your phone or a simple voice command? Look no further because the TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini (Kasa HS103) is the perfect solution! This little dude is compact, versatile, and super affordable. … Read more

Blink Outdoor Camera Review

Blink Outdoor Camera

Having a wireless security camera to watch over your property can be incredibly useful for various reasons. Most folks have video cameras installed at home, but they are only sometimes enough to guarantee your utmost safety. Luckily, with wireless technology, you no longer have to run wires around your home or worry about the placement … Read more

Eufy S330 Video Doorbell Camera Review

Eufy S330 Video Doorbell

Most people use their doorbell cameras as an extra layer to their home security system. Eufy does more than monitor your front door. It gives you a wide-angle view of your home to see who is at the door from anywhere. Let’s take a detailed look at it. About This Review For this review, I … Read more

Wink Hub 1 vs. Hub 2 Review: Compared Side-by-Side

Wink Hub Review

If you’ve searched for smart home hubs, you might have heard the name, Wink. They released their first generation Wink Hub in 2014, and after two years, in 2016, they iterated this product and called it Wink Hub 2. Many people are curious to know what the differences are between them. So in today’s article, … Read more