Z-Wave vs. Zigbee vs. Wi-Fi – Which is Best for Your Smart Home?

A Man Compares Z-Wave Wi-Fi And Zigbee Logos For His Smart Home.

Imagine living in a smart home where everything from lighting, temperature control, entertainment, and security is at your fingertips. As technology advances, you might wonder which wireless communication protocol best suits your smart home automation – Z-Wave, Zigbee, or Wi-Fi? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of these popular protocols, diving into their key features, … Read more

What Is The Geeni App?

Geeni App

The Geeni app is one of several designed apps to manage a smart home system. With the Geeni app, homeowners can control certain home functions remotely and automate specific tasks using internet-connected appliances and devices. It is one of several available in the market and is touted as one of the better options for automating … Read more

Geeni App Alternatives To Control Geeni Devices

Geeni App Alternative

The Merkury Innovations Geeni App is a smart home app designed to work seamlessly with several Geeni devices, such as lights, security cameras, pet feeders, home comfort systems, and security systems.  My Geeni is designed to work with a smartphone, Windows 10 computer, iphone, etc. offering complete and convenient control from anywhere on the planet.  … Read more

Does Smart Life Work With Homekit?

Smart Life Homekit

With the smart home game more robust than ever, it’s tough to decide which device to go for. If you’re in the market for fancy new smart lights, you might have come across Smart Life. Now the big question is, can these Smart Life babies play friendly with Apple Homekit? And if so, how do … Read more