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Geeni App Alternative

The Merkury Innovations Geeni App is a smart home app designed to work seamlessly with several Geeni devices, such as lights, security cameras, pet feeders, home comfort systems, and security systems. 

My Geeni is designed to work with a smartphone, Windows 10 computer, iphone, etc. offering complete and convenient control from anywhere on the planet. 

You can control multiple appliances and collect information using several built-in features with just one app. The Geeni App allows sharing, so other household members can have limited access. 

Although it works wonderfully, there are other options you might want to consider instead. Here are the top Geeni app alternatives to check out that you can also use to control your Geeni smart home accessories:

Geeni App Replacement Options


Apple’s HomeKit is a smart home app designed to control home devices using Apple devices. These devices and appliances are connected to the internet, where the controls can be accessed. 

Apple calls HomeKit a framework that keeps smart home products linked. It can also include other home devices such as thermostats, smart plugs, locks, cameras, and smart light bulbs for better home comfort and security control.

HomeKit allows settings that activate multiple connected devices automatically based on time and date preferences. Specific settings and setups are referred to as scenes, which can be customized to your liking. 

HomeKit does have a bit of a learning curve, but once you are familiar with its interface, it can offer one of the best methods to streamline your home and enjoy more time to do what you love.

Take a look here to learn how to integrate your Geeni products with Apple Homekit.


Amazon’s Alexa is now the world’s most recognizable virtual assistant, along with Apple’s Siri. This makes it one of the highly competent Geeni app alternatives, capable of allowing control over alarms, music, security systems, and entertainment. 

Alexa can be connected to multiple smart devices to automate the home and is even capable of simple voice interaction. Its functionality can be extended by downloading additional skills from third-party app providers. 

Look here to learn how to integrate Geeni with Alexa.

Google Home

Google Home is another app that oversees much of the automation needs of a smart home, particularly of Google devices. With Google Home, devices such as lights, speakers, cameras, and thermostats can be connected to a single control, such as a smartphone. 

With Google Home, certain areas in a building or home can be controlled simultaneously or independently, so turning lights on or off, setting temperature settings on the thermostat, or viewing the camera feed in real-time is easy and convenient. 

It can even check WiFi speeds in case of internet connectivity problems and direct traffic to specific uses, such as when you need to make a video call, download/upload large files, or just play graphics-heavy video games.


IFTTT (If This, Then That) is a private company that offers a no-code mobile-based platform with a visual user interface. This web service allows users to automate tasks through the web and provides connectivity between devices, services, and other apps. 

IFTTT is designed to be beginner-friendly, so it is easy to use. It can be programmed to set specific automation ranging from basic commands to the most complex tasks. 

On top of all these features, IFTTT is also free to use. 

Smart Life App

Smart Life is being touted as a management center to connect and control all smart devices. Using the app, you can create “scenes” depending on your preferred settings based on specific conditions, such as the location/room, time of the day, weather, change in the status of a connected device, and the like. 

Smart Life can be integrated with other apps, including IFTTT, Google Home, and Amazon Echo. Smart Life also allows multiple users, so other family members can change the settings when needed. 


Geeni is designed for convenience and remote automation of smart home devices. It has plenty of features and is free to download and use. It is a mid-range brand in terms of performance and is reasonably competent with some features, particularly its automation and warranty. 

However, suppose you need to set more complex automation and want an alternative that offers just as good or even better features and usability. In that case, there are several apps to choose from. 

Consider onboard features, connectivity, compatibility among devices, user-friendly interface, and customer support to make the most out of the app.