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Geeni Camera Light Meanings

All Merkury Innovations Geeni cameras come with lights that help indicate certain camera statuses (it is turned on, motion is detected, or there is a problem).

But what do the color and status of each light mean? How do they help you with troubleshooting Geeni camera issues?

Why Is My Geeni Camera Blinking Red?

When your Geeni camera has a red flashing light, it is ready to connect to the internet. It does this by either using the 2.4GHz network provided by your wireless router or the 5GHz network found in newer routers. It also makes itself discoverable, so other Geeni devices can find it on the web.

Why Is My Geeni Camera Blinking Blue?

If your Geeni smart camera has a blue flashing light, it has lost the internet connection and is trying to reconnect automatically. This is indicated by blue light.

If this is the only light blinking, your camera most likely lost its connection to the server and is trying to reconnect every 5 minutes. If the camera loses the connection while recording a video, the video will stop and be recorded over until the camera successfully connects to the internet again.

If this light is also blinking red, your camera cannot connect to the internet because your router or network is down.

Geeni Camera Solid Red Light Always On

The camera is in pairing mode if the red light is sold and not flashing. The red LED light indicates it is looking for connectivity to a Wi-Fi router.

The solid red light means that the camera is looking for a connection and is offline.


This short guide will give you a better idea of what precisely each light means on your Geeni camera setup.