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Geeni Smart Bulbs With Alexa

Curious to know if Geeni Bulbs work with Alexa? Check out our guide here to find out!

Are Geenie Bulbs Alexa Compatible?

Yes, Geenie smart bulbs are compatible with Alexa. Setting up an Echo or Dot to work with your bulb(s) is easy. Below are instructions to help you do this.

Which Geenie Bulbs Can You Use With Alexa?

The following Geeni smart bulbs are compatible with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, etc., so you can control them using Alexa voice controls.

How to Connect Geeni Light Bulb to Alexa

While Geeni smart bulbs have their own app to use to control them from your phone, you may also want to control them with voice commands. This is where Alexa comes in.

Are you ready to set up your Geeni bulbs in your Alexa smart home? It’s effortless!

Download and install the Geeni app.

If it is the first time you open the app, you must create an account with them. Set up your smart bulb with the Geeni app as per their instructions.

Open your Alexa app.

Tap “Skills And Games”

Tap the search function on the top right-hand side of the screen (magnifying glass icon).

Search for “Geeni”

Tap the Geeni search result (there should only be one) and click the “Enable To Use” button.

This will enable the Geeni Alexa skill. During this process, you will be asked to link your Geeni account with Alexa, which you can agree to.

Connecting Geenie Alexa Multiple Lights

Controlling multiple Geeni smart bulbs using Alexa is relatively easy.

When you set up your smart bulbs inside the Geeni app, you must give each a unique name. For example, “living room lights” and “bathroom lights.”

Now, when you want to control one of the lights with Alexa, you just need to say the name of the correct bulb in the command. “Alexa, turn off bathroom light,” for example, will turn off bathroom light.

Geeni Alexa Commands you Can Try

There are several different Alexa voice commands that you can try with these smart bulbs.

  • “Hey Alexa, turn the light on.”
  • “Hey Alexa, turn the light off.”
  • “Hey Alexa, turn light color to green.”
  • “Hey Alexa, dim the light by 50%.”


Alexa Can’t Find Geeni Light Bulb

If your Alexa won’t discover Geeni lights, check to ensure that the light bulb is active in your Geeni app first. If it is not there, add it. If it is, you may need to try resetting the bulb and seeing if that fixes the problem.

Geeni Bulb Not Responding to Alexa

If the smart bulb is not working with Alexa, you can try deleting the device and adding it again.


Adding these light bulbs to your smart home is relatively easy and a great way to save money on your energy bill while also making your home safer. Connecting them to Alexa is easier and will save you more time! We hope this guide helped you learn how to connect a light bulb to Amazon’s voice assistant!