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Install, Setup And Use The Geeni App – A Complete Guide

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Geeni is an app designed to set up, manage, and control a smart home system. Using the Geeni app, it is possible to program and automate certain functions in the home through devices, gadgets, and appliances connected to the internet.

Using the Geeni app, multiple compatible devices and appliances may be accessed and controlled remotely through a smartphone. This allows the homeowner to turn off, set, and manage electronic devices such as security cameras, alarms, lightbulbs, and TVs.

The Geeni App is available through Google Play and the App Store. Here’s how to install, configure and use the Geeni App using different devices.

How To Install Geeni App

On Desktop PC Or Laptop 

The Geeni App is optimized for mobile phone use but can also be downloaded on a PC or laptop if desired. To install Geeni on a PC or laptop, you will need to use an emulator to be able to control the app. 

First, download an emulator such as BlueStacks or Andy. An emulator will allow you to download and use an app that is designed only for use with Android or iOS. For safety, always download the emulator from the official website. The emulator app wizard will guide you through the necessary steps to install the app. 

Once installed, open the emulator, search for the official Geeni app icon, and click on the Install button. The app should open automatically. If not, click the Geeni icon and click the install button to initiate the installation process. Once done, you can register on the Geeni app and begin using it.

On A Mobile Device 

Look for a mobile device’s Geeni app in Google Play or Apple App Store. Click on the app, then click ‘Download.’ Once the Geeni app is downloaded on your mobile device, open the app. You may have to register as an account user on the Geeni App to log in later. To register, you must provide a valid mobile number or an active email address. After the registration process, the app will send you a verification code through the registered mobile number. You must provide a password to create an account using an email address. Once the account is set up, log in and use the app.

Geeni App Setup And Configuration

Geeni App Login 

Open the Geeni app from your mobile or PC. The initial interface will have a button for logging in and another for registration. Choose the login button. Choose your country and/or state and enter the email address you provided during registration.

Next, enter your password. This will allow you to access the Geeni App using your registered account. If you registered using your Google account, click on the button at the bottom of the screen and enter the required information.

Once you have provided the correct information, you can access all connected devices and appliances via the app. 

Geeni App Updates 

Updates are necessary to ensure that your Geeni App is working and has all the code required to fix bugs and prevent user glitches. To update, look for the Geeni icon in the Play Store and click on it.

If there are new updates available, you should be able to see the Update button. Click on this button and wait until the updates are installed. You should be able to see the Open button once the update is completed.

To ensure top performance from your Geeni app, make sure to check the Play Store for updates now and then. 

Connecting To Wifi 

Having a stable internet connection via Wi-Fi would be best to get the most out of your Geeni app. To connect, check your Wifi network details since you will need these to set up your connection. Make sure the operating system of your mobile phone is compatible with the app. 

Log in to your Geeni account using your registered information. To work with the Geeni device, plug it into a power socket and reset it. To reset, turn on the device to ensure that the blue light blinks rapidly. Press the power button for at least 3 seconds until the light blinks quickly. This is an indication that it is ready for connection. 

Next, add a compatible device. The device to be added must be turned on, and the indicator light should blink rapidly. Click on the device option you want to add. The Wifi network will require you to input specific details to connect the device, so select your network and enter the passcode. Once done, the Geeni app will automatically connect to your chosen device. 

Note: Choose a 2.4GHz Wifi connection since the Geeni app is not equipped to connect to 5GHz networks.

Changing The Wifi Network

In most cases, you would have chosen a default Wifi network to connect your Geeni app to your devices. If you have to change the Wifi network, look for the Set Up Wifi page of the Geeni App and click on ‘Change Network.’ Enter the Wifi name and password. You should be connected to this network in no time.

Setting Up Multiple Devices 

The Geeni App is capable of handling several devices at once. In fact, the manufacturer states that it can manage an unlimited number of devices in different locations. The only issue would be the limit imposed by your router since it may have a specific number of devices that can be connected to it.

To set up multiple devices, it is recommended to set them up one after the other. To connect:

  1. Please turn on the device by plugging it into an outlet.
  2. Check that the indicator light is blinking or flashing rapidly.
  3. Reset the device to prepare it for connection. You may choose the Easy Mode (the light should flash quickly, about twice per second) or the AP/Backup Mode (the light should flash slowly, about once every 3 seconds). 

Check the Geeni App on your phone or computer. The app will guide you on what to do next. Follow the instructions. The device should appear on the Wifi list in the app. Choose the device(s) you want to add. The app/phone/PC will search for the device and register it. The device will then connect to the Geeni app. 

To connect other devices, repeat the process. 

Setting Up Geeni App Smart Scenes 

A smart scene is a series of controls meant to create a specific task or action at a certain date or time. Each scene can be programmed and customized independently or integrated as a sequence with other scenes. 

To create a scene, open the Geeni app and look for the primary devices list. Select the device you want, then click ‘Scene.’ This option can be found at the bottom of the screen. The app will open a scene list for you to choose from. Click on your preferred scene. This scene will then be associated with that device and played at your chosen time and date. 

Setting Up Geeni App Schedules 

The Geeni App can be used to create schedules. This can work by setting scenes to allow specific actions or tasks to be completed at a specified time and date or using the app’s schedule option. 

To access this option:

  1. Open the Geeni app and search the primary devices list.
  2. Select the device you wish to schedule.
  3. Once a device has been selected, click the ‘schedule’ option on the screen’s lower right.
  4. Click the ‘Add Timer’ option, enter the time, and click ‘save.’

This will set the schedule for the specific device. To arrange a schedule for other devices, repeat the process.

Creating Quick Actions 

To create Quick Actions, open the Geeni App and choose the preferred device from the devices list. Click on the ‘Quick Actions’ options, then select the commands that will customize the task. Quick action will allow you to change the setting on specific actions, such as volume, temperature, color, or brightness. 

Depending on the device, several different options may be available that can be customized using Quick Actions. Once accessed, choose your preferred setting. The app will send the signal to the device, and the specified action will be performed in real time. 

Setting Daylight Savings Time 

If you want to set your Geeni app to Daylight Savings Time, you must reset your timer/schedule. The new schedule will adjust automatically to the correct time by resetting the schedule. 

You might also have to change the Time Zone on the Geeni App. To do so, open the Geeni App and click on Profile. Once you have accessed your profile, click Time Zone, then select your desired timezone. 

Add Family Members 

The Geeni app allows multiple users to access and interact with connected devices. To add family members and share other Geeni devices, the additional members’ numbers must have been registered in the app. 

To add other family members, open the Geeni app and click on ‘Profile’ at the lower right bottom of the screen. Choose ‘Device Sharing’ among the options, then click ‘Add Sharing.’ 

Next, choose the device or devices you want other family members to access, then click ‘Share with New Member’ at the bottom of the screen. You will then have to enter your country and mobile phone number. Click ‘Confirm’ to add the new member. 

How To Use The Geeni App

Controlling Lights 

Lights can be controlled via the Quick Actions option (if already set up). If not, access the primary devices list and select the light/bulb option. A tap on the selection will either turn the light on or off.

To change color, click the ‘Color’ tab. This will show a color ring with a dot over the ring. Slide the dot on the desired color on the ring to choose your preferred color. You can also adjust the Brightness and Cool options from this screen by sliding the dot from left to right.

Controlling More Than One Smart Plug 

To control more than one smart plug, consider using the Geeni Switch Duo, which has two outlets. Both outlets will work with 2.4GHz Wifi and be compatible with Geeni devices. Once connected to the Geeni App, you can control both smart plugs from your phone or PC.

Geeni App Troubleshooting Problems

Not Sending Notifications 

If the Geeni App is not sending notifications, check if the notifications setting has been disabled. If it is, change the setting to ‘Enable.’ You could also try to reset the alerts and notifications by hitting disable, then enable. 

You could also try accessing the Main Settings area, then click on the Geeni App and check permission. You can then turn on the permission for a specific device. Note that this tip works for particular devices, so you will have to check the permissions on each connected device to determine if they are turned on.

Can’t Connect To Bulb 

If you cannot connect to a light bulb, check that the light switch is on. The light bulb will not work with the Geeni App without a power supply. 

Next, check that your Wifi is on and the router is within range. You might also want to check if your bulb firmware was updated. If not, go to Device Settings and click on ‘Check for firmware update’ to download the necessary updates.

If your bulb connection occurred due to deleting the Geeni App and reinstalling it, you could set up the bulbs through AP mode. You may have to reset the bulb twice and choose the AP mode when installing.

Can’t Connect To Wifi 

The Geeni App needs a stable Wifi connection to function correctly. If there is a connection issue, check to see if the Wifi router is working. If it is, there may be other issues, such as:

  • Your Wifi network is at a higher bandwidth. The Geeni App works only on a 2.4GHz bandwidth and will not connect to a different bandwidth. You may have to adjust your routing settings to ensure compatibility.
  • Your Wifi network is slow. If there are current problems with your Wifi connection, the performance of your Geeni App will be affected.
  • Your Geeni Smart device may have hardware issues. If there is a problem with a component of your Geeni device, it may not respond to your Geeni App. Call customer service for assistance.
  • You have an unpaired Geeni device. Your Geeni device must be in pairing mode before connecting to your Wifi network. In most cases, you have to check the indicator lights on the device to determine if it is paired. When the device is paired, the indicator light should either blink slowly or rapidly.

Geeni App Crashing 

If your Geeni App is crashing, there are a few steps you can take to fix it. First, check for updates. You will need the latest app version on your device to ensure a smooth performance. Check your internet speed. If it is too slow or is not compatible, your Geeni app will not work correctly. 

If the issue is a login problem, consider resetting your login password. You might also want to check with the Merkury Innovations, LLC website to see if their server is down or under maintenance. If it is, you will have to wait until it is online. 

Keeps Saying To Update 

Check your Wifi connection to verify that it is working correctly. If there is an internet connection issue, it will prevent your Geeni app from updating correctly.

Check your mobile or PC storage space. If you do not have enough storage space left in the memory, your device will prevent a new update. If this is the case, you may have to delete unnecessary files or clear your cache to make room for the latest updates. 

If the Geeni App does not work or responds after an update, check the manufacturer’s website to see if it is an updated version. If you have an older version, it may not work when downloading updates. You will have to delete the app and install it again. 

Not Recognizing Me As An Administrator 

If the Geeni App does not recognize you as an administrator, check to see if your app was updated recently. It may just be a bug in the system that can be quickly resolved. You could also try to refresh your phone or PC by turning it off. Try to clear your app’s cache to free up some memory. If that does not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. You could also try using another device to gain access to the app.

Not Recording Videos 

If the Geeni Camera is not recording, check your Wifi connection first. The camera will fail to record without a reliable internet connection. Check if your camera works by live streaming to your attached phone through your Wifi connection or cellular data. If there were recent changes in your router or network, you might have to check if these changes affected your smart devices. In this case, you may have to turn the settings to default.

If the problem is with your SD card storage, you may have to format your SD card using your Geeni app or another device. This will, however, delete all previously stored data, so make a copy of all valuable information that your SD card may contain. 

Check if the problem is with the camera firmware. If this is the case, you may have to re-flash the firmware to get the camera working correctly. Consult your camera user manual for instructions.

If nothing works, consider calling customer support for assistance.


Does The Geeni App Work With Cellular Internet?

Yes, it does. You can still control and manage your Geeni App away from home if you have a stable internet connection, even with cellular data. 

Note, however, that your mobile or PC and Geeni devices have to be connected to the same Wifi network during installation, which means you will have to use a Wifi connection.

Can I Fast Forward With My Geeni Camera App?

The Geeni Camera App allows for live viewing and playback. You could view past events only if they were recorded by the camera. To fast forward to an event, there is a timeline below the viewing screen that you can scroll through to move forward to view later events and move backward to view earlier events.


The Geeni App is a very easy-to-use smart home device app that will help you connect, control, and manage tasks through your internet-connected devices and appliances at home. As long as the proper procedure was followed to install, configure and use the Geeni App, there should be no issues with its performance.

Always check for updates for both the app and device firmware to ensure that the app remains reliable. With good maintenance, your Geeni App will continue to work seamlessly with you and provide reliable and convenient features for your home’s comfort and safety.