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A Fast And Easy Blink Camera Wired Setup Guide

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blink camera wired setup

While the Blink cameras and other Blink products run on batteries and do not need wired power, it is an option. There are some reasons you may want to wire your security cameras for power and other reasons you may not need to.

If this type of wired setup is something that you are considering, I would recommend reading this article.

Yes, Blink cameras can be hardwired for power. Some users may prefer to hard wire their cameras so they can put them where they want to without worrying about the batteries dying or needing to replace.

However, this is an alternative option if you want to save a few dollars on wiring supplies by plugging the camera in directly to an outlet. Remember that if your Blink camera is mounted outside, you will need an outdoor-rated power supply for the connection.

When you are working with a Blink camera that you have decided to be a wired setup, it basically means that the power source is wired to the camera. There is no way to wire the video signal from the camera to the video display screen, like a phone or tablet.

So, anything we are talking about here relates to how the camera is powered through a wire, not the video signal.

Setting up a wired Blink camera is super simple. This is simply the connection between the camera and the power line that will provide power to the device. You connect the cable from the camera to the outlet and then plug the cord into the power outlet. From there, you are ready to go!

Which Is Better?

Wireless setups are probably more popular because they are easier to install and do not require drilling holes to run wires through walls or ceilings. Wireless systems also have the added benefit of not needing any extra power outlets or extension cords.

On the other hand, wireless systems give you more flexibility in installing the camera. Using a battery instead of wiring your security camera means you do not need a power outlet nearby to power your camera. This is nice because you may have a camera you want to install in a location that does not have an outlet nearby.

However, with a wireless system, you will need to monitor your batteries and ensure that you replace them before they die, and you do not have a video feed anymore. If you have a hardwired set up for your security cameras, you do not need to worry about monitoring the battery or replacing it before it dies.

This takes some stress off of you, and you can just focus on getting the system up and running as quickly as possible so you do not have to wait for your battery to charge before you can record video again.

There are several different wired adapters for Blink cameras available if you want to hardwire your security cameras in your home. We looked at a number of them and would recommend:

Wasserstein Weatherproof Power Cable

No more batteries! A Wasserstein weatherproof power cable includes everything you need to capture outdoor moments. Simply attach the Blink outdoor camera to your fence, tree, or post and plug in the included cable – no need to charge batteries.

The cable is waterproof, so you can use it outdoors in rain, snow, or shine. And because the cable is 16 feet long, you can position it where you need it most. Compatible with all Blink outdoor cameras, this wired setup is ideal for capturing moments around your house and garden.

Most Blink products will work with a battery and wired power. Here is a list of all of the blink products that will work with a hardwired power source:

  • Blink wired outdoor camera (XT2)
  • Blink doorbell
  • Blink Mini camera
  • Blink Floodlight


Will the wire recharge the battery?

No, the connector on this power cable cannot recharge the battery in the camera itself.

Will a wire damage my property?

No, the wire is designed to withstand all types of weather, including rain and snow. And it’s built to last – it’s made from durable PVC-coated material that will withstand the elements for years to come.


Yes, you can use a Blink camera as a wired camera. It eliminates the need for batteries but gives you fewer placement options where you can put your security cameras. I will go with the hardwired setup if you are looking for more security than a convenience feature.