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Do Blink Cameras Require A Subscription?

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Have you considered getting a Blink camera for your security camera requirements but are unsure about the extra monthly subscription costs?

We took a deep dive into this to see what you get for each monthly plan and what you would get if you opted out of any subscription fees.

No, Blink cameras do not require you to have a monthly subscription. However, if you have a subscription for as little as $3 per month, it will allow you to get cloud storage of your recordings, among other benefits.

There are a variety of subscription plans available depending on your needs and how much of a yearly or monthly fee you can afford:

  • Blink Basic Plan – $3 per month per device or $30 per year.
  • Blink Plus Plan – $10 per month for unlimited devices or $100 per year.
Basic PlanPlus PlanNo Plan
Price$3 per month or $30 per year$10 per month or $100 per yearFree
Number Of Cameras1Unlimited1
Stream live feed?YesYesYes
Record motion detection?YesYesNo
Store video history (60 days)YesYesNo
Local backup functionality?YesYesNo
Watch videos instantly?YesYesNo
Share video?YesYesNo
Image capture functionality?YesYesNo Blink product discountsNoYesNo
Extended WarrantyNoYesNo

Advantages Of Subscribing To A Monthly Plan

Having an active subscription will bring several benefits for you:

  • Video clips are automatically stored on the cloud and saved for 60 days.
  • Playing back clips is very simple within the app. Choose the video from the thumbnail gallery of clips, and it will instantly play.
  • Photo capture once per hour.
  • Live view recording. All live views are recorded to the cloud simultaneously.

Are There Any Subscription Discounts? 

Yes, discounts are available for people who pay for an entire year. Instead of paying for 12 months, you only pay for 10 months and get a full year. For example, the Blink Basic Plan, typically $36 per year if you pay monthly, is only $30 if you pay yearly. The Blink Plus Plan would normally be $120 per year if you pay monthly, is only $100 if you pay yearly.

You can use a blink camera without a subscription, but you won’t be able to take advantage of cloud storage or any of the other benefits of having a subscription. In this case, you are using the camera as a stand-alone unit without any cloud functionality.

However, a nice workaround will allow you to store your video locally on a USB drive and view them on your phone or tablet. To do this, you will need a Sync Module 2, which is relatively inexpensive and requires only a one-time fee to get it.

The price is the main advantage of using the Blink camera without a monthly subscription. Instead of paying the fee each month, you can almost do the same thing with a Sync Module 2 for just a one-time $35 price plus the price of a USB drive if you don’t already have one.

However, the disadvantage is that the video playback is a bit slower than when you are playing video back from the cloud. The main reason for this is that the app needs to pull over the video over wifi from your Sync Module before it starts playing.

Another thing to keep in mind is maintenance on your USB drive. At some point, it will become full and need to be looked at and old clips deleted. With the subscription plan, the cloud does this automatically without you having to do anything.

Which Should You Get?

Choosing the right or no plan depends on your specific needs. If you want a security camera to watch your house from a remote location, then the sync module with no subscription plan may be suitable for you. But, if you want to be able to remotely watch your security cameras from anywhere at any time, then definitely sign up for the monthly subscription plan.