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Adt Homekit

Have you heard about the latest and greatest tech advancement that’s got everyone buzzing? It’s Apple Homekit, man! This bad boy lets you control your whole house with the sound of your voice or through your phone. Ain’t technology just the coolest?

But here’s a question, have you wondered if those fancy ADT devices work with the Homekit setup?

Are ADT Products Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes, you can make ADT smart home products compatible with Homekit. However, since they are not natively compatible, you will need to use Homebridge to set it up and work properly.

What Is ADT?

ADT is a company that manufactures and installs security alarms and home security equipment. It provides various different security products and services.

Their most popular products are wireless sensors you can place around your home.

Then, if certain things happen, like if a window is broken or a door is left open, they will send you an alert to your phone or notify you immediately through a speaker or alarm, etc.

ADT also offers complete home monitoring services, which are helpful during natural disasters or if a family member needs extra care. You’ll get notified if anyone who isn’t on the list of authorized visitors enters the home, and you can send help if needed.

What Is Homekit?

Homekit is a tech platform developed by Apple that allows users to control compatible smart home devices using their Siri-equipped iOS devices.

Using Siri, you can activate lights, temperature adjustment devices, and blinds with simple voice commands.

ADT Devices You Can Control With Homekit

Here is a list of some of the most popular ADT products that you can control their ADT Pulse app as well as with Apple Homekit:

ADT Security System (available here): The most extensive and expensive ADT product you can control with Apple Homekit is the security system itself. ADT monitoring includes motion, door, window, and glass break sensors that you can place around your home. You can also control your alarm from your mobile phone, smart watch, or tablet.

ADT Door and Window Sensors: These professional-grade sensors use wireless technology to notify you if a door or window is opened and closed without authorization.

ADT Video Cameras: ADT offers indoor and outdoor home security cameras; some can be incorporated into your alarm system. They record all activity that they see.

The Next Step Is To Set Up Homebridge

Homebridge is free software that allows you to control your devices with Apple Homekit. The software will enable you to set up devices with Apple Homekit functionality.

How To Add ADT To Apple Homekit

If you are ready to set up Homekit with your ADT device using Homebridge, follow the instructions below:

Download Homebridge.

You can find it for free at

Install and open the Homebridge software program.

Install and open the Homebridge software program.

Look at the menu section of the dashboard and click the “Plugins” option.

Search for the ADT plugin.

Click the install link to install the plugin.

Configure the plugin.

This screen will automatically be displayed after it is installed. You will be asked to give it a unique name and other settings.

Restart Homebridge.

You can easily do this by clicking the restart button on the top right of the dashboard screen.

After restarting, the settings you configured will take effect automatically. You can now control your connected device with Siri or a mobile Apple device.


Setting up ADT devices with Homekit is a total breeze. Just follow the simple steps above, and you’ll have everything up and running in no time. Trust me, it’s so easy that even a tech-challenged 24-year-old like myself can do it. Once you’re done, you can boss your connected devices around with a few voices commands to Siri or the free Home app on your iOS device. It’s like having a personal assistant right in your pocket!