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Amazon Smart Plug Homekit

Have you heard about Apple Homekit? It’s like having your own genie in a bottle, controlling your home with your voice or phone. Who doesn’t love feeling like a superhero in their own house?

But the real question is, do you think Amazon Smart Plugs will play nice with Homekit? Let’s find out!

Are Amazon Smart Plugs Products Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes, you can totally make those Amazon Smart Plugs play nice with Homekit. No worries, it’s not a big deal, even though they aren’t precisely BFFs out of the box. But don’t sweat it. We need to bring in a mediator, Homebridge, to make it all come together and work like a charm. Trust me; it’s way easier than it sounds.

What Are Amazon Smart Plugs?

Amazon Smart Plugs are electrical plugs and receivers you can control through your smart device. They have a magnetic strip that allows you to attach them easily to metallic surfaces. They are compatible with most regular outlets. You can turn on or off appliances and speakers straight from the app.

These work just like other brands, like Wemo smart plugs.

What Is Homekit?

Homekit is a tech platform developed by Apple that allows users to control compatible smart home devices using their Siri-equipped iOS devices.

Using Siri, you can activate lights, temperature adjustment devices, and blinds with simple voice commands.

The Next Step Is To Set Up Homebridge

Homebridge is free software that allows you to control your devices with Apple Homekit. The software will enable you to set up devices with Apple Homekit functionality.

How To Add Amazon Smart Plugs To Apple Homekit

If you are ready to set up Homekit with your Amazon Smart Plugs device using Homebridge, follow the instructions below:

Download Homebridge.

You can find it for free at

Install and open the Homebridge software program.

Look at the menu section of the dashboard and click the “Plugins” option.

Search for the Amazon Smart Plugs plugin.

Click the install link to install the plugin.

Configure the plugin.

This screen will automatically be displayed after it is installed. You will be asked to give it a unique name and other settings.

Restart Homebridge.

You can easily do this by clicking the restart button on the top right of the dashboard screen.

After restarting, the settings you configured will take effect automatically. You can now control your connected device with Siri or a mobile Apple device.


Setting up Amazon Alexa Smart Plugs with a Homekit setup is a quick process you can do in just a few minutes using the steps above. Once it is set up, you can use your iOS mobile device to control your connected device using Siri voice commands or the free Apple application for iOS called “Home” on your Homepod or other Apple device.