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Vivant Homekit

So, what’s pretty lit? Apple Homekit, for real. It lets us boss around our homes like a superhero, using our voices and trusty mobile devices.

So, the question on everyone’s mind: Can we use Vivint devices with Homekit and live our best tech life?

Are Vivint Products Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes, Vivint does work with Apple Homekit. But here’s the deal. You can get your Vivint smart home gear to play nice with Homekit, but it’s not native compatibility. But don’t sweat it because you can use Homebridge to set it up and get it running smoothly. It’s like having a tech wizard on your side!

What Is Vivint?

Vivint is a total legend in the home automation game, providing all the bells and whistles for your smart home needs. Think home security, thermostats, lighting, security cameras, and more – they’ve got you covered.

But here’s the thing, just because they’re the smart-home masterminds doesn’t mean they always play nicely with Apple’s devices.

Don’t worry. That’s where I come in. I’m here to spill all the tea on Homekit and show you how to get your Vivint Smart Home devices set up and ready to roll. Let’s do this!

What Is Homekit?

Homekit is a tech platform developed by Apple that allows users to control compatible smart home devices using their Siri-equipped iOS devices.

Using Siri, you can activate lights, temperature adjustment devices, and blinds with simple voice commands.

Vivint Devices You Can Control With Homekit

While you can control these with the Vivint app, here is a list of some of the most popular Vivint equipment products that you can control with Apple Homekit:

Vivant Alarm System: Vivint Security System allows you to arm and disarms the system from any smart device as long as your network and internet connection is stable. This smart home security system also has a siren that alerts neighbors and family members in an emergency.

Vivint Doorbell: You can keep an eye on who comes and goes with a Vivint Doorbell Camera. It also notifies visitors and allows you to adjust the chime volume.

Vivint Sky: Vivint Sky is a security camera that can be accessed using an Apple iOS device. It allows you to track activity inside and outside your home through live streaming footage captured by the camera’s high-quality lens. You can activate the camera remotely and monitor what’s happening in your home from anywhere.

Vivant Smart Lock: This door lock helps you create a secure environment for your household. You can unlock the door remotely or automatically using a compatible Apple device with these smart locks.

The Next Step Is To Set Up Homebridge

Homebridge is free software that allows you to control your devices with Apple Homekit. The software will enable you to set up devices with Apple Homekit functionality.

How To Add Vivint To Apple Homekit

If you are ready to set up Homekit with your Vivint device using Homebridge, follow the instructions below:

Download Homebridge.

You can find it for free at

Install and open the Homebridge software program.

Look at the menu section of the dashboard and click the “Plugins” option.

Search for the Vivint plugin.

Click the install link to install the plugin.

Configure the plugin.

This screen will automatically be displayed after it is installed. You will be asked to give it a unique name and other settings.

Restart Homebridge.

You can easily do this by clicking the restart button on the top right of the dashboard screen.

After restarting, the settings you configured will take effect automatically. You can now control your connected device with Siri or a mobile Apple device.


Setting up your Vivint devices with a Homekit setup is a total breeze. You’ll have it up and running in no time flat, just following the steps above. And once you’re done, you’ll be able to control all your connected devices with just a few taps on your trusty iOS mobile device. Whether you want to use Siri’s sassy voice commands or the rad Apple app called “Home,” it’s all good. It’s like having your very own personal butler, but way cooler!