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How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last? Philips Hue, LIFX, and More

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When I started planning for a smart home, it was the first question that popped up in my mind. How long do those expensive smart bulbs last? While the price is definitely scary, some of the facts and statistics we are going to share here today might ease it up a bit for you.

How Long Do Smart Bulbs Last

Average Lifespan of Smart Bulbs

On average and in an ideal environment, smart light bulbs last 23,000 hours. It is equivalent to 10 years of daily 6-hour usage. The warranty period averages at 2 years.

This data is based on our small research of 10 different smart light companies. If we take the fluctuations out of the equation, the figure looks slightly better standing at 25,000 hours of runtime. The details of this research can be found later in this article.

How Smart Lights Compare to Incandescent and Fluorescent Lights

The main difference is at the construction. Smart bulbs use the latest LED technology where incandescent use the traditional Thomas Edison patent and fluorescent use fluorescent coated tubes.

LED technology is superior in every segment including performance, life expectancy, and efficiency. If we compare the oldest technology with the newest one, LED lights use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lights.

There is one small thing to point out though. The smart lightings we are talking about modify the LED framework and try to fit in some smart wireless technologies. Although they are miles better than the old-fashioned bulbs, they lose a great deal of life expectancy in the modification process when compared to pure LED bulbs.

How Long Do LED Bulbs Last?

LED bulbs, or light emitting diode bulbs, have been hailed as the future of lighting. They are more energy efficient than incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs but have a much longer lifespan than traditional ones.

While the initial cost of a bulb is higher than an incandescent light bulb, the savings on electricity costs will quickly cover the difference. A typical lifespan of an LED bulb is 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours or more, depending on the manufacturer and model.

This is just one of the reasons that smart bulb companies use LED technology.

How Long Do Philips Hue Bulbs Last

Philips Hue a long timeline of producing lighting systems for homes starting in 2012. They have iterated their product line many times during the years which also made the lifespan vary.

Their first-generation products in 2012 were rated at 15,000 hours of playtime but it got bumped up by their second-generation products in 2015 to 25,000 hours. Since then, they integrated many new technologies into their lights but the longevity remained constant.

Features1st Gen.2nd Gen.3rd Gen.4th Gen.
Brightness600 lumen800 lumen800 lumen800 lumen
Lifespan15,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours25,000 hours
Works without BridgeNoNoNoYes

How Long LIFX Smart Bulbs Last

Similar to Philips Hue, LIFX has also gone through a lot of changes throughout the years after setting foot in 2015. Now they are shipping the 4th generation products with many cool features complementing their hub-free smart system.

Since the beginning, LIFX products were rated at 25,000 hours of runtime which is equivalent to 11 years of daily 6-hour use and they are still holding the numbers.

Lifespan Chart of 10 Different Smart Light Companies

We took some of the most popular companies and analyzed their data. While different companies calculate years differently, we standardized it with 6 hours of daily usage which according to us is the most realistic number.

All the data presented in the chart below are the officially certified data provided by the company for their A19 smart bulbs.

(6 hours a day)
Philips Hue25,000113
LIFX 25,000112
TP-Link Kasa25,000112
Data for A19 Shaped Smart Bulb – Collected on 01.02.2021


Do smart bulbs burn out?

Yes, electrical equipment of any sort is prone to burnouts but smart bulbs usually last a very long time and do not burn like incandescent bulbs unless there is a terrible power surge.

How long do Merkury smart bulbs last?

Merkury smart bulbs lasts a standard 25,000 hours or 11 years (6-hour daily) or whichever comes first.

How long do Sengled smart bulbs last?

Sengled smart bulbs lasts 25,000 hours of runtime or 11 years of daily 6-hour usage or whichever comes first.

Does smart light bulb last longer than incandescent light bulb?

Smart light bulb lasts 25 times longer and consumes 75% less energy than incandescent bulb.

How long do T8 bulbs last?

LED smart T8 bulbs last an average of about 8 years or around 25,000 hours.

Conclusion: Does the Life Expectancy of Smart Bulbs Cancel Out the High Price?

The smart lights are generally quite high in price. If you try to justify that price only by its lifespan, your equation would always result in a no. But if you bring features, efficiency, and comfort to the game, the picture would be different.

These are a lot more than just a thing that lights up. You can change the ambient by throwing in some ambient lights, make them function without light switches, or automate them to perform certain tasks at certain times. After all, if you really want to have a smart home, smart bulbs are the starting point.