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Hubitat Homekit Integration – A Simple Step By Step

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The Hubitat Homekit integration allows you to control all of your smart home devices through the Hubitat interface.

A Hubitat Homekit integration allows you to see all your smart home devices in one place and control them from a single interface on your Apple device.

But how do you set it up?

Does Hubitat Work With Apple Homekit?

Yes, Hubitat products work with Homekit. However, you need to use Homebridge because they are not natively compatible. Homebridge will allow devices that are not compatible to be compatible with your iOS Devices and Homekit app.

What Is Hubitat?

Hubitat is a brand of home automation products such as smart home hubs, like the Hubitat Elevation. It is a combination of hardware and software that you can install in your home to make it a smart home.

The hardware part is called a “Smart Home Automation Hub,” and the software is their “Hubitat Engine.” The hub connects to your home network, which is then connected to your home’s smart lights and other devices. The hub then controls the connected devices using your smartphone or computer through a browser.

Connecting Hubitat And Homekit

Connecting Apple Homekit devices with Hubitat is relatively easy but requires using an app called “Homebridge.” This is not required, but it will allow you to use more smart devices with Apple’s technology, such as Nest, Wemo, Philips Hue, etc.

So, if you want to use any of these devices, you must install the app and set it up properly with your Apple device.

  1. Install Homebridge on your computer. It can be downloaded for free at

  2. Open Homebridge to see the Homebridge dashboard.

  3. You will see a menu option called “Plugins.” Click it.

  4. Search for Hubitat.

  5. Select the plugin installation from the search results.

  6. Wait for the installation to finish.

  7. You will be sent to a configuration screen where you can give it a name, etc.

  8. Restart the Homebridge dashboard. There is a button to click for this on the top right of the screen.

This completes the setup process for the iOS app, so you can use it to control your smart home devices with your phone. You will now be able to use Siri voice commands to control your Hubitat devices. This includes lights, thermostats, etc.

So if you have a Siri-enabled device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you can now control your smart lights and other smart devices.


In summary, with Homebridge, you can now control Hubitat devices with Apple Homekit. It is straightforward to set up and does not require buying expensive hardware to make it work. Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV is all you need to control it.