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Does Wyze Work With Homekit?

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Have you considered a Wyze device to add to your smart home setup but are unsure if it will work with your current Apple Homekit-enabled devices?

We’ve got you covered.

Is Wyze Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes, Wyze will work. However, Wyze and Apple Homekit are not natively compatible. You can still set up a Wyze Homekit integration by using Homebridge. Homebridge allows just about any home automation system to communicate with Homekit.

What Is Wyze?

Wyze is a camera company that makes affordable smart home security cameras that work on both iOS and Android devices. They offer several different types of cameras and other home automation devices. These include:

All of the above Wyze products can be easily configured to work with Homekit and Siri, so let’s look at how you can do this.

Setting Up Homebridge For Wyze Devices

Setting up Homebridge to allow Wyze devices to work with Homekit is simple.

  1. Go to and download the Homebridge app if you do not already have it.

  2. Install Homebridge on your computer.

  3. Open the Homebridge program.

  4. On the main menu, click the Plugins option.

  5. Search for the Wyze product you want to set up to use with Homekit.

  6. Click the plugin installation from the search results.

  7. After a minute or so, the plugin should be installed.

  8. Configure the plugin for the device that you are setting up.

  9. Click the restart Homebridge button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

  10. Wait for Homebridge to restart.

You now should have your setup working with your selected device. You can now use Siri to control that device using commands like “Hey Siri, turn on the light” or “Hey Siri, show me the front door camera.”

Is The Setup Difficult?

The setup process is relatively easy once you’ve downloaded and installed everything you need. However, the process does require some technical knowledge and familiarity with the operating system on your computer. Luckily, the process is relatively straightforward, and once you’ve gone through it once, you should also be able to do it fairly quickly in the future.


As you can see, setting up your new Wyze home security and automation system with Apple’s technology can be pretty simple if you have the right components. By using the simple instructions above, you should be able to integrate your new smart home security system with your other Apple technology without any problems.