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Does Homekit Work With Android?

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This has been on everyone’s mind recently since Apple released their latest iOS update. Does HomeKit work with Android?

HomeKit is a smart home platform created by Apple, designed to connect and control all of your home electronic devices through a single app on Apple devices.

These products include smart locks, thermostats, lights, cameras, and doorbells.

But what about Android?

Can I Use Homekit on Android?

No, currently, there is no way to control Homekit from Android. Amazon, Alexa, and Google Home are the primary competitors to Apple’s HomeKit. Although both use a similar style of smart assistant with voice assistants and hands-free voice control, some differences set them apart.

Android Homekit Equivalent

If you have Google Android devices and want a setup similar to Apple Homekit, your only option is to find an alternative to Homekit. Since there is no official support for any third-party apps in the Google ecosystem for smart home control, you will need to rely on a third-party app or hub to get your devices up and running.

Luckily, there are a few good options and one that we recommend below. Using our recommendations, you should be able to control your devices, such as the Philips Hue smart bulbs, Ecobee 3, etc.

Gideon Smart Home App

If you are looking for an excellent equivalent to Apple Homekit for Android, I recommend looking at Gideon. The Gideon smart home app works similarly to Siri and Alexa (by using your voice) but also a bit like Google Assistant.

It lets you talk to it like a personal assistant but also enables you to type questions into it and search the internet for answers. The app allows you to set timers and alarms and use your home’s light switches.


This is another excellent alternative to using an Android-based device to control your smart devices. One of the great things about the SmartThings Hub is that it works with many famous brands, including Nest products and Philips Hue.

You can control the hub using your smartphone or tablet or connect it to your Amazon Echo for voice control and voice commands. You can use the official SmartThings Assistant App to control your devices or pair it with another alternative like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Overall this is an excellent choice if you want to add many compatible devices and do it all through one app.

There is one disadvantage, though. To set it up, you need to purchase a Smartthings hub which is an extra cost to make it work.


As you can see above, there is no direct equivalent of HomeKit on Android. Still, several great alternatives will let you control many of your devices, similar to Siri and the Amazon Echo.

The great thing about these alternatives is that you can get most of them for less than $100, which is a considerable saving compared to purchasing the expensive iPhone/iPad and other Apple products to control your home.