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Google Home And Simplisafe

Connecting a Google Home hub with your Simplisafe security setup will take your home security system to the next level, giving you hands-free control over your home security and innovative technology.

But does it work with Google Home?

Is Simplisafe Compatible With Google Home?

Yes, Google Home and Simplisafe are compatible with each other. Setting up Simplisafe with Google Home requires a few steps on your Google Home app.

Why Connect Simplisafe To Google Home?

You would want to add Simplisafe to Google Home to allow you to use voice commands to control your Simplisafe system. This is Google’s answer to the Amazon Alexa system.

For example, you could use your voice to turn the security system on or off, arm the system, or even use your voice to check in on your home if you are away.

How To Connect Simplisafe With Google Home

*Note – for this to work correctly, you will need the Simplisafe Premium subscription plan with professional monitoring to allow it to work with Google Home.

A Simplisafe Google Home integration is easy to set up. Just follow these steps:

Open your Google Home app on your phone.

On the upper left-hand side of the screen, you should see a “+” plus sign. Click it.

Scroll down and select “Set up device.”

Select the option under “Works with Google.”

Search for “Simplisafe.” and click it.

Log in to your Simplisafe account.

Choose the location.

Google Home and Simplisafe are now integrated together.

At this point, you should be able to control your Simplisafe devices using voice commands.

Google Home Simplisafe Commands

There are several voice commands that you can use to control your Simplisafe setup using Google Home. Most involve commands that let you perform standard actions with your security system.

Some of the more advanced Google Home commands include:

  • “Ok, Google, arm Simplisafe Home.” – this will arm your system.
  • “Ok, Google, arm Simplisafe to away.” – to set your Simplisafe alarm system to away mode.
  • “Ok, Google, is the security system armed?” – is an easy way to check the status of your security system.

One Quirk About This Set-Up

There is one thing that I should mention here about this setup. Currently, you can only arm your Simplisafe security system with Google Home. There is no way to disarm the system with voice commands.


With this configuration, monitoring your home is easier than ever. For this reason, adding smart home automation control like this with Google Home is an excellent idea if you are the type who likes to have everything controlled with voice commands.