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Philips Hue Homekit

With all the smart home gadgets out there, it can be challenging to pick the right one. If you’re on the hunt for a new smart lighting device, you’ve probably stumbled upon Philips Hue.

So, the big question on everyone’s mind is – does Philips Hue play nicely with Apple Homekit? And if it does, how do you get the party started? Well, hold on to your hats because we’re about to find out!

Are Philips Hue Products Compatible With Apple Homekit?

Yes. They work seamlessly with Apple Homekit, meaning you can control your lights with a flick of your wrist, aka your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. No more getting up from the couch to turn off the lights! Just grab your trusty Apple device, download the Home app (which is free, by the way), and boom!

You’re now a smart home ninja, able to control your lights from anywhere. And the best part? You can set up custom scenes, like “Wakey Wakey” or “Vacay Mode,” so your home is always on point.

What Is Philips Hue?

Have you checked out Philips Hue yet? It’s a dope collection of smart lights that you can control with just a few taps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. And let me tell you; it’s a total game-changer. You can switch up the colors and brightness whenever you feel like it and even set up some scenes so your lights can turn on or off by themselves – it’s like having a genie in a bottle!

These LED bulbs are no joke either, with an adaptive color temperature that’s totally adjustable, and they pump out up to 800 lumens. That’s like having the sun in your room 24/7! And if you want to step up your smart lighting game even more, these bulbs are compatible with many accessories.

You can rock the Hue Tap, Hue Bridge (a must-have for automation), Hue Dimmer Switch, Hue Smart Button, Hue motion sensors, and even the Hue Bulb Speaker. Talk about being the coolest cat on the block!

Philips Hue Products The Work With Apple Homekit

The following Philips Hue products with Apple Homekit:

Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus: This flexible light strip can be cut to size and placed throughout your home to create a more ambient lighting effect. It produces more than 2200 lumens, bright enough to light an entire room.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch: This switch allows you to easily control your lights. Just tap the side of the switch to turn the light on/off, and you can use the built-in dimmer to maintain the light level. You can also control the lights using Siri, so you can turn them on or off using just your voice.

Philips Hue Bulbs: These bulbs produce more than 600 lumens with an adjustable white color temperature between 3000 K and 6500K. They come in various shapes, so you can pick the correct bulb for your space.

Philips Hue Smart Button: This wireless Bluetooth smart button can be used to turn lights on and off using just the press of a button. You can also adjust your lights’ brightness and color temperature from the tap!

Philips Hue Motion Sensor: This motion sensor detects motion and lights up the room when it detects a person or pet. It can produce up to 900 lumens of brightness, but it can also dim the light output when it detects motion.

Philips Hue Starter Kit: This adaptive lighting kit includes everything you need to start enjoying smart lighting in your home.

Setting Up Philips Hue With Apple Homekit

Philips Hue Homekit Integration

Setting up your Philips Hue lights with Homekit is a breeze! You have to grab your Apple device and download the Home app for free. The app will hook you up with your Philips Hue lights and walk you through the setup like a pro. And the best part? You can control your lights from anywhere, even away from home. Want to create some custom scenes like “Good Morning” or “Vacation Mode”? The Home app got you covered!

Importing Hue Scenes to Homekit

Adding Philips Hue Scenes to Apple Homekit is a piece of cake! You’re good to go as long as you have your Philips Hue Bridge version 2 set up and ready to roll with Homekit.

First, fire up your Homekit app and tap that plus sign on the top right corner. Then, select “Add Scene.”

Next, tap “Custom” and give it a fancy new name that’ll make your friends jealous. Make sure to choose all the lights you want to be part of the scene.

Bam! That’s it! Apple Homekit will take care of the rest, and your scene will work just like in the Hue app. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your new scene!

Siri Homekit Hue Commands

Telling Siri to turn on your lights is pretty easy to do, especially with Homekit support. Here are commands you can use:

  • “Siri, turn on the bedroom”
  • “Siri, turn off the living room”
  • “Siri, turn on the kitchen”
  • “Siri, turn on the hallway lights to 75 percent”
  • “Siri, turn off the hallway lights”
  • “Siri, turn on the hallway lights to 75%”
  • “Siri, turn off the hallway lights to 75%”


Can’t Add Hue Bridge To Homekit

Don’t sweat if you’re having trouble connecting your Homekit to the Hue Bridge. Let’s try a few things:

  1. Give your router and Homekit device a good ol’ restart.
  2. Clean out your Homekit cache on your router. Sometimes when the network gets a new software update, it leaves some junk behind. Clearing the cache will get rid of it and hopefully fix the issue.
  3. If one of your lights is giving you trouble, reset it and try again.
  4. If everything fails, try setting it up manually with a Homekit setup code.
  5. If none works, reset your base station (the Hue Bridge), and if you still can’t get it sorted, hit Customer Service for some extra help.

Hue Lights Not Responding To Homekit

If your Homekit commands ain’t working on your lights, no worries. Let’s try these simple troubleshooting steps.

First, let’s give your router and Homekit device a fresh start by restarting them. Then, try unplugging the lights from the Philips Bridge and plug ’em back in.

If that still isn’t working, let’s try restarting the lights and ensuring the Hue Bridge is on. Double-check to see if the lights are all hooked up to the Bridge and if the Bridge is lit up and ready to go.

Basically, we wanna make sure the lights and the Bridge are tight, ya know? Good luck!

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch Homekit Not Working 

If the dimmer switch for your Philips Hue lights doesn’t work with Homekit, try the following troubleshooting methods.

Restart your router and the Hue Switch. You can do this by pressing the on/off button for 10 seconds until the light turns green to amber and off.

Reconnect the lights to the Hue Bridge and try again. If the lights work when you turn them on without using the dimmer switch, then the next step is to disconnect the lights from the Philips Hue Bridge and reconnect them.

Reset the lights and try again. To reset the lights, press and hold the button on top until the light goes off and then on.

Go into the Lights section of the Home app, tap “Add Accessory,” and follow the instructions to add it to your room. Enter your Apple password if prompted.

Homekit Hue Bridge Not Found Or No Response

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble connecting your Philips Hue Bridge to Homekit. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Reconnect the Hue Bridge – Sometimes, it just needs a little love. If you recently changed a light bulb or turned off the bridge, that might be why it’s not playing nice with Homekit.
  2. Restart your gear – Give your router and Homekit device a quick restart. Also, try disconnecting and reconnecting the lights from the Philips Bridge.
  3. Room shuffle – If the lights are working in another room, it’s likely an issue with the room where they’re not. Try moving the lights to a different room and see if that helps.
  4. Reset the lights – Give them a fresh start. To reset the lights, press and hold the button on top until the light goes off and then on again.
  5. Add accessory – If all else fails, go into the Lights section of the Home app, tap “Add Accessory,” and follow the instructions to add it to your room. If it asks for your Apple password, enter it, and you’re good to go!

Hope these tips help get your lights up and running again.

Apple Homekit Sync Error With Philips Hue 

If you encounter a sync error, follow the same recommendations as the issues above.


Can you set up Philips Hue Homekit without Bridge?

No, you need a Hue Bridge in order for these light bulbs to work with Apple Homekit. The Philips Hue Bluetooth bulbs will not work with Apple Homekit because you need the Bridge.

Where is the Homekit code on Philips Hue?

The Homekit setup code is located on the bottom of the Philips Hue Bridge.


The Philips Hue products are the real deal regarding smart lighting. They work with Apple Homekit, and you can control them with your trusty iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Just grab the free Home app on your Apple device, and you’re all set to control your lights from anywhere, even if you’re chillin’ on the beach. Plus, you can get creative with custom scenes like “Good Morning” or “Away From Home.” It’s like having a personal butler for your lights.