Blink Sync Module Already Registered to a Different Account

Blink Sync Module Already Registered

So you scored a sick deal on a second-hand Sync Module and got excited to set it up in your crib. But when you tried scanning the QR code, the app was all like, “Whoa there, this bad boy is already hooked up to another account.”

Don’t freak out, bro! We got this. There’s always a way to work around these things.

Blink Sync Module Already Registered? Fix It!

There is a simple fix if your Blink Sync Module exists on the Blink network under a different account.

Sync Module Registered In App

This is a common problem when you purchase one of these units second-hand from a yard sale, online auction, or another marketplace. The previous owner may have already configured the Sync Module to their account and left the account intact before you got the unit.

How To Resolve This Issue

Deleting The Blink Sync Module

There are a couple ways to approach this, depending on your circumstances. I would recommend trying each solution in the order below:

  • Contact the person you purchased it from and ask them to unlink the device from their account. This should resolve it in most situations.
  • Contact Blink Support to see if they can delete the old account from the unit. In this case, you may need to provide a receipt to them to prove that you purchased it from them.


Hopefully, these solutions help you connect your “new to you” device to the Blink Network.