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Philips Hue Go Battery Life (All You Need To Know)

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If you’re planning to buy a Philips Hue Go, then there’s no doubt you’ve spent a reasonable amount of time researching what it can and can’t do.

A light bulb might sound boring, but there are so many things you can do with a Philips hue go.

But what about the batteries?

How Long Do The Batteries Last In A Hue Go?

The batteries in a Philips Hue Go should last around 3 hours before recharging.

However, I should note that some color settings drain the battery faster than others. Luckily, a handy chart on the box gives you more information on how long each color should last.

If you are close to a power outlet, you can keep the light plugged in at all times to prevent the battery from draining.

How to Check Hue Go Battery Level

Checking the Hue Go battery status can be checked on the app. The battery icon will be flashing red if the battery is low or charging. This usually happens if the bulb is unplugged from the power socket for a while.

Charging The Batteries

Changing the batteries in a Hue Go is simple. Just plug in the charging cable, and in around 90 minutes, you should have a full charge.

What Kind Of Batteries Does The Hue Go Use?

The factory-installed built-in lithium-ion batteries with a Hue Go are 2 AA / 14500 batteries with a 3.7 voltage.

Philips Hue Go Battery Replacement

Replacing the batteries in a Philips Hue Go is tricky to get the batteries to replace them. Luckily, since the factory batteries included are rechargeable, you should not have to do this. However, if you have been using the lamp for many years, there may come a time when you have to replace them.

You will need to replace the batteries with new AA rechargeable batteries with a capacity of less than 1000 mAh.

If you have the lamp a squeeze, the front cover should pop right out. However, sometimes they can be a bit stubborn. In these cases, you can try using a carpenter’s clamp (or something along those lines) to gently squeeze the cover off. If you don’t have a clamp, you can try to do it between your knees.

Once you have the cover off, you’ll need to take the light cover off and all the other internal parts out with a screwdriver until you finally reach the batteries.

I’d recommend watching this video that shows the entire process:

YouTube video


So, there you have a quick guide on how to check the batteries in your Philips Hue Go smart lamp. I hope this guide was helpful, and thanks for reading!