Help! My Blink Camera Was Stolen!

Blink Camera Stolen

So it happened. You logged into your Blink app to check your security camera’s video feed, and the camera is gone! You go outside to see what is happening and see that someone stole your camera! What do you do now? Can Blink Cameras Be Stolen? Are you wondering if people steal the outdoor Blink … Read more

Does Simplisafe Work With Apple Homekit?

Simplisafe With Homekit

You’ve been thinking about installing a home security system, but you don’t want to spend a fortune. Luckily, Simplisafe has a solution for people like you. Simplisafe offers affordable, do-it-yourself home security systems. You can monitor and control your home from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. But is Simplisafe compatible with Apple Homekit? Keep reading … Read more